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River Ness… plus crafty Tom & a writing comp

River Ness – is it back to earning its keep? Most of the world’s great cities straddle a river; London has the Thames and Glasgow the Clyde. Prague grew up either side of the Charles River, which it relied on for trade and transport, and Paris would be nothing without the Seine. Inverness may be… Read more »

Tourist Tax? Yes Please for Highland!

With the Highland Council set to debate again the question of a Tourist Tax, many hoteliers and B&B owners are eagerly awaiting the outcome. If the Council go for it, they won’t be the first. Edinburgh City Council have already voted to impose a £1 a night Transient Visitor Levy, a move which they believe… Read more »

Could you balance Highland Council’s budgets?

My Papa was a proud man and a cautious man too. A tailor and ‘Gentlemen’s Outfitter’ with a shop in Aberdeen, he was always impeccably dressed in a well-fitted suit, stylish shirt, tie, and matching handkerchief, and hand-made leather shoes. His pride stretched beyond his appearance – he married late in life because he wanted… Read more »