Media Training

How should you prepare for a press interview?

Terrified of the prospect of talking into a microphone? Worried that you’ll say the wrong thing? A media interview doesn’t have to be a daunting prospect, and I’ll show you how.

You are likely to be interviewed by the media in one of two scenarios; the first is when it’s a good news story that you’re keen to share. But how do you get those good news stories to a wider audience? How should you prepare for the interview when the good news ‘bites’?

Talk to me and I’ll tell you what you need to know. I’ll explain what makes a good news story, and help you understand how to tell that story. I’ll let you know who you should be telling it to, and get you prepared for the press interviews. I’ll give you tips and strategies to ensure that whatever the situation, you deal with the media effectively.

What should you do when the bad news breaks?

But things might have gone wrong, in which case a journalist will be looking to you for answers. I’ll show you how to answer those questions you’d really rather not answer, without compromising your legal position. And in these days of smart phones and increasing ‘citizen journalism’, how do you act to contain the story and protect your brand? Have youa policy about who, within your organisation, is best placed to deal with the media?

Help is at hand with media training courses

I have been a broadcaster for 16 years (13 years as the host of MFR Breakfast and the rest with BBC Radio Scotland), and conducted untold numbers of interviews, so I know how a journalist’s mind works. I have delivered media training to corporate bosses, middle management and students, and am happy to chat to you about your requirements.