Presentation Skills Training

I know – you’ve got a big speech coming up, and you are terrified. Your heart is racing just at the thought of it, and you have no idea where to start with your script. You’d love to be the sort of person who stands at the front of a crowd and spontaneously delivers a thought-provoking funny and memorable speech, but you just weren’t born that way. So you’ll carry on as you always have, dreading the occasion, stumbling through your notes, tongue-tied and red-cheeked, and wishing it didn’t have to happen.

Let’s bust the myth that you’ve got to have ‘the right sort of personality’ to be good at giving presentations. That’s nonsense – presentation skills are business skills that can – and should – be learned, just the same way as you’d learn any other. If you lack confidence about speaking in public, I can help. In just two 2-3 hour sessions I can set you on the path to making your presentations shine, and help you harness any nerves you may be feeling, turning them to your advantage. We can work 1-2-1 or in small groups, the choice is yours.

Presentation skills, once learned, are adaptable to any business encounter. People do business with people they like. Use your new-found skills to become more engaging in business. Learn how to neatly explain what you and your company can offer. If you are a tour operator who needs your staff to be consistently customer focused, or your job relies on you being an effective communicator to staff and stakeholders, I can help you achieve exceptional results.