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Hydro Screws, paddling & impulse buys

Old solutions to new problems A few weeks ago, I resolved to reduce my reliance on single-use plastic. It was pointed out to me what a relatively new thing our dependence on plastic is. Going back to paper bags for fruit and veg, and cotton dish cloths instead of plastic sponges, is reverting to what… Read more »

E-bike bliss, plus jogging-on & Bond bugbear

Hi-Bikes? Ooh, hello! E-bikes in Inverness? Just £3 for a three-hour trial? Irresistible. Last Saturday morning, with Daughter #1 and her partner here for the weekend, we each downloaded the Hi-Bikes app, uploaded our details, and looked for available bikes. We chose the Inverness Campus rank; more scope for getting used to them in a… Read more »

Drastic about reducing Plastic, plus networking’s back!

I have a drastic need to reduce my plastic You don’t need me to tell you about the impact that plastic has on our environment. From marine and soil pollution to the fossil fuels needed to produce the stuff, our over-reliance on it is an environmental disaster. Some plastics are brilliant, of course, and have… Read more »

The Highlands’ dark secrets, plus theatre, and ounces?

The sobering History of the Highlands and Slavery It’s a while since I’ve swum in Loch Dochfour, but when I do, I always pause mid-stroke and take in the beauty of Dochfour House, that orange-ochre coloured Italianate mansion sitting amid formal gardens on the north shore of the loch. It’s a house that speaks of… Read more »

Life without technology?

There’s nothing like an audiobook to get a story, a concept, or an idea into my head. I’ve been a reader since before I can remember (the heat of the lightbulb in my bedside lamp used to betray my nocturnal reading as a kid) but in the last couple of years I’ve enjoyed audiobooks too…. Read more »

A dog’s life. Plus kindness, and physio.

My head has been turned… Dogs. Woman’s best friend and part of the family? Or an expensive inconvenience that would get in the way of my life and my freedom? Until a couple of months ago, when Murphy, the golden/red fox Labrador puppy from Fort Augustus came into our lives, I was firmly and forever… Read more »

Our human connections to Afghanistan

The scenes that we are witnessing in Afghanistan are shocking. I’m writing this on Monday after a weekend of increasingly worrying news. The Taliban have taken control of Kabul, and I’ve just watched news footage of thousands of Afghans storming the airport, desperate to leave the country. There is the sound of gunfire, and reports… Read more »

The hunt for Nessie is over!

The search is over. Nessie has been found! Regular readers will know I’m fond of dunking myself into lochs around the north of Scotland. Back in the good old days we used to call it swimming – it now seems to have attracted the tag ‘wild’. But whatever we call it, I like getting cold… Read more »