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On yer bike…

If you’d watched me reading the story about traffic police in Nairn pulling over ten motorists for driving dangerously close to an unmarked police cyclist, you might have seen me punch the air. It’s not that I take delight in the misfortune of others – far from it. But I’ve been banging on about road… Read more »

Who to believe?

There’s a small but growing stack of leaflets under my fruit bowl, and I’m keeping them till early May. They’ve all been delivered through the letterbox, some by Gary the postie, others by volunteers, and I’ll read them from cover to cover, every one of them. The pedant in me will take delight in finding… Read more »

Freedom under a leaky tarpaulin.

Have you tasted it yet, that tiny little fragment of freedom we’ve been given? I can’t quite believe how much I have ‘socialised’ this past fortnight. Three times, at least. And it’s given me a taste for a tiny bit more. Last Friday was a friend’s birthday. At lunchtime I popped round on my bike… Read more »

Its not all men, but it is all women.

She was only walking home. During the Westminster debate on International Women’s Day, MP Jess Phillips read out her annual list of all the women who have been killed in the UK in the past year, where a man has been charged or convicted. The final name on this year’s devastatingly long list was Sarah… Read more »

Things to keep after lockdown

As we approach the anniversary of the country entering lockdown, it’s as good a time as any to reflect on the past year. The opening words of ‘A Tale of Two Cities’ spring to mind; “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was… Read more »

Charles Kennedy: Our loss.

If you’ve not yet watched BBC ALBA’s hour-long documentary about Charles Kennedy, can I suggest you add it to your TV watch-list? ‘Charles Kennedy, A Good Man Speaking’ profiles the late Highland MP from his upbringing in the family croft at the foot of Ben Nevis, through to his burial in its shadow five years… Read more »

Highland holidays, please!

We’ve worn furrows in the pavements all around Inverness and explored every path, woodland, loch, and beach within 15-miles of the city.

Love and a cooker

Well, that’s Valentine’s Day over for another year. As I sped round Tesco on Sunday evening, staff were packing away boxes of chocolates to make way for Easter eggs, and marking down leftover Valentine’s cards to 25p. I was almost tempted to buy one (two?) for next year, but I resisted. It had been a… Read more »

Bully Juice, and Me.

Me, the movement, the music, the man. Every morning just before Mr Marr’s alarm goes off, I peel back the covers and sneak out of bed. On the floor beside my slippers is the pile of clothes I laid out the night before. I tuck them under my arm as I tiptoe for the door…. Read more »

Sharing Gingerbread

Sitting at the side of another frozen loch last weekend, wrapped in layers of thermals, we were joined by a robin. My sister and I had been dunking ourselves into icy water again, and this was our post-ice-bath treat, a flask of hot chocolate, spiked with a shot of coffee for added flavour, and a… Read more »