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She’s coming home. But who will she be?

In just over a month’s time our little family will be complete again as Daughter #1 returns home after a year in Central America. She won’t be here for long – just six weeks after her plane touches down on UK soil we’ll be installing her into student accommodation in Glasgow. But she’ll be back… Read more »

Sixth Year Holidays. Rite of passage? Or disaster?

Sixth Year holidays. I’ve already had a stern word with myself about the subject matter of this week’s column, not because it doesn’t merit being discussed, but because I am in danger of coming across either as supremely po-faced, or mightily hypocritical, or both. Mindful of my own experiences on a Club 18-30 holiday in… Read more »

Hands off our Highland Trains!

I love travelling by train; I always have. Maybe it comes from growing up with a garden that backed onto a railway embankment and waving at the trains as they passed. Maybe I’ve watched Brief Encounter too often – there’s a certain romance associated with travelling alone; a real ‘what if’ to every chance meeting…. Read more »

Drams, Grace & Dignity, and papier-mâché

It’s World Whisky Day as I write this – a day which falls slap bang in the middle of Whisky Month. The temptation was to celebrate by making some of my own whisky because I am now ‘qualified’, having spent a day learning to become an Honorary Distiller at Benromach Distillery in Forres. My day… Read more »

Jobs for Life? Not any more.

It’s a tough time of year for Scottish teenagers with the SQA exams well underway. There is so much pressure – not just to be a teenager and all that that entails, but to study hard, to live up to parental and school expectations, and to get the best results possible. Only then will they… Read more »

A new political force for #GE2020 – yes please!

If you are reading this on Thursday, either the polling stations will be still open, or the count will be underway. If you are reading it on Friday or Saturday, we’ll have the headline results, and the ‘conversations in dark rooms’ will likely be taking place in and around Whitehall to determine the make-up of… Read more »