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Sleep, Strava and…growing up?

Sleep. It’s a topic I’m slightly obsessed with. I can’t be sure whether it’s a symptom of my 18 month struggle with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in the early 90s, the baby years of the late 90s, or the 13 years of a 4.30am alarm before the MFR Breakfast Show. But almost the first thing I… Read more »

Matriculation +31 years. Plus Power Posing!

There are some numbers I just don’t forget. The dates of birth of close family members are obvious ones and I’ll never forget our first phone number. My National Insurance number (pedants will point out that it contains letters too) trips off my tongue without a moment’s hesitation, and in a similar fashion I remember… Read more »

Is the Glasgow Bin Lorry FAI a waste of money?

It’s a long time since I practiced law, but there are certain cases I will never forget. I’m always wary of referring to them as career highlights, because behind the buzz of the legal arguments and a ‘big day in court’ there were always human lives and stories. It was undoubtedly exciting for me as… Read more »

Welcome home, Grace and Edwyn.

There’s a function on Facebook which allows you to look back on what you were up to ‘On This Day’ in previous years, and I can never resist a peek. It serves as a reminder both of good times (because frankly, that’s all that most of us ever post on Facebook) and of how quickly… Read more »

How do you eat an elephant? Ask Matt Bendoris!

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. Don’t panic. In the wake of the outcry about Cecil the lion I’m not advocating firing up the barbecue to polish off another of Africa’s ‘big five’; I’m merely quoting a phrase which is designed to help us get through seemingly insurmountable tasks. Break… Read more »

Mental illness. Speaking out to stop the stigma

Daytime TV comes in for a lot of stick, and quite rightly so. The repetitive cycle of programmes about tracing heirs, flogging antiques and moving to the sun is enough to send anyone who is off sick back to the office before their doctor’s line expires. But a prompt from Alastair Campbell on Twitter drove… Read more »