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Back to ‘normal’. How has it been?

Back to ‘normal’ – but how has it been for you? Does it feel like it’s almost over? South of the border restrictions will be almost non-existent from Monday, and Scotland could follow in a few weeks’ time. Last weekend, Mr Marr moved back to Edinburgh after a sixteen-month stint working from our dining room…. Read more »

Clarkson. He’s growing on me…

Jeremy Clarkson. He’s (ahem) growing on me. It’s easy to have an opinion about Jeremy Clarkson; he’s been part of our lives and making a fortune from it for the past 35 years. Last week I’d have told you he was outspoken, obnoxious, irrational, and untrustworthy. But something changed. My opinion today? He’s funny, self-deprecating,… Read more »

Ste, The Pride of ScotRail

The Pride of ScotRail We’re not likely to see The Pride of ScotRail train north of the central belt as it’s electric, so would run out of juice around Stirling. That’s another column for another day… diesel carriages dirtily puffing around the north of Scotland is hardly conducive to achieving net zero. But the launch… Read more »

There’s a clear winner in our sibling rivalry stakes

The strength of sibling rivalry It’s never a good idea to compare ourselves to others. We know this to be true when it comes to filtered posts on social media, and when we sacrifice happiness to ‘keep up with the Joneses’. But a competitive mindset is ingrained within us all. It’s why we love sport,… Read more »

Through the eyes of others

Holiday friends, with benefits. This week, good friends from Manchester have come to stay. In more normal times this would hardly be news, but it’s the first time since last March that anyone other than our immediate family has spent the night, and it’s the first time we’ve welcomed these friends to the Highlands. In… Read more »

A life well-lived

Will yours have been a ‘life well-lived’? There’s a homework exercise I sometimes offer to coaching clients who are struggling to work out their next steps in life; I suggest that they draft their own eulogy. Spending a few hours thinking about how they would like to be remembered at their funeral can really help… Read more »

Dreams for Inverness

I’m utterly relaxed. I’m sitting writing this on a camping chair with my feet in a loch. Our van is parked off the road and there’s a promising whiff of bacon in the air – Mr Marr is on catering duties. It’s the sort of summer day when it’s easier to see the shoals of… Read more »

Let’s be confident and ambitious about Inverness

Lessons from coaching In another part of my life, I’m a coach. I often encourage clients to focus on what they can do, rather than what they can’t, and to ask themselves ‘How would I like things to be?’ That can help them shift their perspective from negative to positive. Why not let go of… Read more »

Can we get back to theatres soon, please?

All being well, by the time you read this we’ll have been out for a meal with friends. Hardly earth-shattering news, but with most of Scotland having shifted to Level 2 on Monday, we can finally eat inside, and have a well-poured pint or a chilled glass of white to wash down our dinner. The… Read more »

Get outside, for the good of your health

Some days, it feels good just to be outside. Last weekend was a lovely combination of pottering in the garden, an al fresco catch-up with friends, and a ‘fresh’ (freezing!) swim in the clear waters of a favourite loch. To hang onto that outdoorsy feeling, I took myself off for a cycle this morning. Solo,… Read more »