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Dipping a toe into Gaelic – thanks Duolingo!

As a child of the 70s I was brought up to believe that ‘I want doesn’t get’ but I am delighted to report that for once I have been proved wrong. I (along with thousands of others) asked for Gaelic to be added to the list of languages available to be learned on Duolingo, and… Read more »

Granny, what happened in Brexit?

Granny, what happened in Brexit? In years to come, I am dreading the point at which an inquisitive (and probably bespectacled) grandchild sidles up to me with a homework jotter and asks the question: “Granny, what really happened during Brexit?” because in all honesty I will not have a clue how to answer. Will I… Read more »


I’m celebrating. I’ve just completed a 21-day streak with Duolingo, a language-learning app that is reminding me of the German I was taught at school. I’m a bit of a late adopter, but having finally got started, I can now see what Duolingo’s other 300 million users worldwide are raving about. So far it’s easy,… Read more »