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Sharing Gingerbread

Sitting at the side of another frozen loch last weekend, wrapped in layers of thermals, we were joined by a robin. My sister and I had been dunking ourselves into icy water again, and this was our post-ice-bath treat, a flask of hot chocolate, spiked with a shot of coffee for added flavour, and a… Read more »

Delia lied – one is not fun

A quote on a friend’s Instagram account caught my eye last week. It raised a wry smile, so I liked it and shared it with my Facebook friends. You might have seen it doing the rounds… it reads: “Who knew that the hardest part of being an adult is figuring out what to cook for… Read more »

Cooking with love.

Cooking with love There is a village near Delhi which is too small to be marked on the map, but a remarkable man lived there. He had two daughters and a son, and unlike the other village men, who worked while his wife took care of home and family, this man liked to cook. And… Read more »