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Desert Highland Discs, and elevating an MP…

Desert Highland Discs What’s your favourite song? It’s an innocent enough question, and I’m sure most of us have a ready answer. But here’s the thing; ask the very same question a day, a week or a month later, or after a concert or during a relationship break-up, and the answer will have changed. As… Read more »

Why I’m still ‘undecided’ in the IndyRef.

In a month we will be casting our votes; to stay as part of the United Kingdom, or not to stay, that is the question. Yes or No? Aye or Nae? We’ve had months, if not years to decide, to analyse the pros and cons, and to question politicians, analysts, each other and ourselves. And… Read more »

Waste not, want not, French style!

Trying to educate me about food waste was always going to be a case of preaching to the converted. Or so I thought. Growing up with a Dad who was a keen gardener, we knew how much effort had gone into producing the veg we ate, and there was no way that effort was going… Read more »

Bravo Glasgow!

Rainbow at Glasgow National Hockey Stadium

Bravo Glasgow, and thanks for the Games! If you’ve been anywhere near a telly in the last ten days or were lucky enough to get tickets for the Games, you’ll know that Glasgow rose to the occasion. Like a woman with half an hour’s warning that the in-laws are about to descend, the city fathers… Read more »

Flying Scot and Polyester!

My brother the ‘Flying Scot’ My brother Iain is a Consultant Paediatric Neurologist at Yorkhill hospital in Glasgow. He cycles to work every day from his house near Strathblane – a round trip of about 30K on his fancy pants fixed speed bike. You might have seen Iain (and his bike) if you were watching… Read more »

The joy of holiday cottages, and the terror of gulls

The unexpected joy of a holiday cottage Holiday cottages must be the best way to take a family vacation in the UK. They are much better than camping – if you turn the telly up loud enough you can’t hear the rain, and there’s no need to search for wellies when you are desperate to… Read more »

From The Archers to Assisted Suicide.

I’d like the right to choose my death, please… The joy of radio is that you can get on with your life while it entertains, educates and informs. Whether you are cooking, exercising, driving or just pottering in the garden, its main advantage is that it doesn’t require you to look at it. Of course… Read more »

The worst of the World Cup

Listen to my column here – or read on…I’d love to know if you agree! In case you hadn’t noticed, there’s a football tournament happening somewhere in South America – I think they call it the World Cup. Not a natural sports follower, I can take it or leave it. Except that this time round… Read more »