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Growing more than just plants.

That’s it – my garden recycling bin has been filled to bursting for the final time this year, and on Thursday evening I’ll drag it out to be emptied. This final ritual – if past years are anything to go by – is my permission to myself to ignore my garden till Spring. I will… Read more »

How did we allow them to get so rich?

On Monday morning, Dolly Parton was trending on Twitter, and that cold pang of fear struck – surely the Queen of Country hadn’t died? But no – phew. Her name was in the news because Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon, had donated $100 million to her, while anointing her with his Bezos Courage & Civility… Read more »

Hospitality careers? Yes, please!

As a student I worked in restaurants – we all did, didn’t we? I waitressed and washed up, juggled copious frying pans on early breakfast shifts, spent years baking scones, cakes and traybakes, and learning how to coax a mighty fine cappuccino from a cantankerous steaming hulk of a coffee machine. Working in restaurants, hotels,… Read more »

Road safety? The north is being sold short.

Sleepless nights about the A9 It doesn’t matter how old your children are; as a parent you never really stop worrying about them. I was just dropping off to sleep on Sunday evening when I realised Daughter #2 wasn’t home yet. This wasn’t the gentle ‘she’s on a night out’ level of worry – it… Read more »

Bring some Imposter Syndrome to no.10

Imposter Syndrome at Number 10? Yes please! In several of the coaching sessions I have conducted recently, the issue of imposter syndrome has arisen. You’ll have heard of imposter syndrome, it’s that idea that many of us, while carrying out our jobs, are comparing ourselves to the competence and professionalism we see around us and… Read more »

No closure for Renee MacRae’s family

No closure for Renee MacRae’s family Grief runs to its own timetable in each of us, impacts us all differently, and going through it is a far-from linear process. The pain of losing a loved one can feel impossible to bear, even when it is expected. But when death is sudden or unexplained, feelings of… Read more »

Fergus Ewing – the right kind of politician

What do we want from  politicians? It’s the question on everyone’s lips; what do we really want from our elected representatives? Just look at the quartet of Conservative Prime Ministers we’ve had over the past 12 years. Cameron’s arrogance took us out of Europe. May showed her true colours after Grenfell, and with deportations of… Read more »

Farewell, Earl of Inverness?

Time for a clean sweep of the broom? I’m writing this as we come out of an official period of mourning after The Queen’s funeral. Never a monarchist, I was surprised by how saddened I was to hear of her death, especially as it came so soon after photos of her looking so well. But… Read more »

Thank you, Ma’am

Like me, you were probably watching the telly on Thursday afternoon, or tuned into the radio, or keeping a close eye on social media for the news we knew must be coming but were collectively dreading. TV cameras were trained – rather ghoulishly, I felt – on the railings of Balmoral, and the royal palaces… Read more »

Thank goodness for Elsie Normington

The world needs more Elsie Normingtons The world needs people who stand up for what they believe in. It needs people who see when something needs to be done, and who, instead of sitting back and complaining, muster up all of their determination, tenacity and contacts, and start making things happen. Last Friday night at… Read more »