I’m Nicky Marr, an experienced writerevent host, broadcaster, media and presentation skills trainer based in the Highlands and Edinburgh.

Event host, presenter, MC?

If you’re looking for a confident and inspiring presenter/MC for your conference, awards ceremony, product launch, food and drink festival or book/film/music festival event, you’ve come to the right place. Whether your ideas are fully formed or we’re starting with a blank sheet of paper, your event will be safe – and fun – in my hands.


Maybe you’re looking for an engaging and warm presenter or a sparky, insightful contributor? Then I can help. I have 17 years’ experience behind the microphone, both in commercial radio and with the BBC. From food to fitness, the arts and the online world, there’s not much that I don’t have an opinion about.


Perhaps you’re in need of a writer to add flair, humour and flow to your website? Or someone to create content or case studies? I’m pretty good at sussing out your style and getting quickly to the point.
My popular weekly columns are syndicated across Scottish Provincial Press newspapers throughout the north of Scotland. To read the latest, click on the links below. To receive a weekly email with the link direct to your inbox, just sign up.  Of course it’s free!
If you pick up a copy of Connect, the magazine for customers and friends of all 11 of Highlands and Islands Airports, you’ll see that it’s mine too, and if you travel by Scotland’s airline Loganair, the FlightLOG magazine in every seat pocket is also written and edited by me.


My warm Northern Scottish voice will add credibility to your Corporate DVD, training videos, online courses or ad campaigns. As the ‘voice’ of Business Gateway in Scotland I am heard all over the country, and I pop up in theatres, on telephone systems and in visitor centre films all over the place!

Presentation Skills Training

Let’s bust the myth that you have to have ‘the right sort of personality’ to be good at giving presentations. That’s nonsense – presentation skills are business skills that can be learned, just the same way as you’d learn any other. If you lack confidence about speaking in public, I can help. In just two 2-3 hour sessions I can set you on the path to making your presentations and speeches shine, and help you overcome those pesky nerves.

Presentation skills, once learned, are adaptable to any business encounter. People do business with people they like. Use your new-found skills to become more engaging in business. Learn how to neatly articulate what you and your company can offer. If you need your staff to be consistently customer focussed or your job relies on you being an effective communicator to staff and stakeholders, I can help you achieve exceptional results.

Media Training

How would your company be reflected in the media if the worst happened? Media training is an insurance policy against news-reel gaffes. I can help you work out what to say and how to say it on camera or into a microphone. I can help you understand the key messages your customers and the wider public need to hear in order that your brand and reputation are protected. I can give insider tips on journalists’ techniques, and let you practice that media interview. And it’s and all completely bespoke and confidential.

Thank you

Whatever has led you here, you’re in the right place. Browse a while, then drop me an email  and we can arrange to chat. The coffee (and cake!) are on me.