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The UK has never been a marriage of equals.

I am not sure that I have ever been more disillusioned by Westminster politics. The deepening and destructive Downing Street farce of a woman who didn’t want Brexit having to ask for help to leave Europe from an opposition leader who has no stomach for it, would have been a stretch even for the scriptwriters… Read more »

Proud of Nicola Sturgeon, and a peek at Inverness Campus

Last Wednesday was a momentous day for women and for Scotland when Nicola Sturgeon became the first female First Minister of our proud nation. And that milestone for women was enhanced even further two days later when Sturgeon’s first cabinet was announced. Where the Westminster Government, in spite of a concerted effort to balance the… Read more »

Why I’m still ‘undecided’ in the IndyRef.

In a month we will be casting our votes; to stay as part of the United Kingdom, or not to stay, that is the question. Yes or No? Aye or Nae? We’ve had months, if not years to decide, to analyse the pros and cons, and to question politicians, analysts, each other and ourselves. And… Read more »