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Ste, The Pride of ScotRail

The Pride of ScotRail We’re not likely to see The Pride of ScotRail train north of the central belt as it’s electric, so would run out of juice around Stirling. That’s another column for another day… diesel carriages dirtily puffing around the north of Scotland is hardly conducive to achieving net zero. But the launch… Read more »

Bravo Scotrail for exemplary communication

Scotrail come in for a lot of criticism, especially here in the north of Scotland. Some of it is justified, some less so. With my ‘Old Lady Railcard’ (I think the official term is Club 50) I get fantastic discounts. Between January and the end of March it has been just £17 for a return… Read more »

Scotrail needs to step up.

We took a couple of weeks off work at the beginning of the month and it’s fair to say that our holiday was fairly complex in terms of travel arrangements; a train from the Highlands to Edinburgh, a Ryanair flight to the south of France, a return flight to Luton, then a BA flight from… Read more »