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Sorry, I can’t remember your name…

Are you one of those people who is good with names? Or maybe you never forget a face? If you have a talent for remembering names or faces – or both! – then I envy you, because I’m spectacularly rubbish at it. Is it that I forget to pay attention? Maybe it’s an age thing?… Read more »

Highland Heroes. Where does the goodness come from?

The question I was asked most often last Thursday night was ‘How did you do that without crying?’ And my answer was that it was my job to hold it together. And just because I wasn’t crying on the outside, that doesn’t mean I wasn’t moved. My job is – on occasions – an acting… Read more »

Tourist Tax? Yes Please for Highland!

With the Highland Council set to debate again the question of a Tourist Tax, many hoteliers and B&B owners are eagerly awaiting the outcome. If the Council go for it, they won’t be the first. Edinburgh City Council have already voted to impose a £1 a night Transient Visitor Levy, a move which they believe… Read more »

Inverness Loch Ness Airport. You decide!

Between me writing this and you reading it I’ll have both taken off and landed again at Inverness Airport. I’m heading to Bergen in Norway for a couple of days on a direct flight from my local airport. I am very definitely departing from an airport known as ‘Inverness’, but by the time I land… Read more »

Thank you for the Music, Rip it Up.

There’s a song* isn’t there, that no matter where you are when you hear it, or who you are with, or how long it may have been since you listened to it, as soon as you register its opening chords or its chorus, it takes you back. The chances are it will take you unawares…. Read more »

The thrill of the cockpit on islands tour.

I first flew in an aeroplane the summer after I turned ten. And I did it with bells on, as an unaccompanied minor between Aberdeen and Birmingham on my way to spend the summer with my grandfather. It was a day of firsts; the second first came during the flight stopover at Edinburgh airport when… Read more »

Agriturismo. Inspiration from Sardinia for crofters?

It would have been easy to have lived in a bubble of “Brits abroad” on our beach-club holiday in Sardinia this month. Although the resort staff were Italian, the guests were exclusively from the UK and Ireland. Buffet breakfasts and lunches were included every day and on restaurant nights off, if we didn’t fancy the… Read more »

Camping again, thanks to Cameron McNeish

The weather forecast for last weekend was glorious, but someone forgot to tell Inverness. In place of the promised 20C and sunshine we had cold winds and haar. The plan had been to chuck the tent in the car and head off west late in the afternoon, but we were stalling. Our track record of… Read more »

Homeless new ‘neighbour’ left me conflicted.

Neighbours. Good ones are a Godsend – they’ll water your plants when you’re away, keep a spare set of keys for when you lock yourself out, and, if you’re lucky, they’ll become friends. Bad neighbours, on the other hand, can ruin everything. From holding wild parties when you’re trying to sleep to blocking your drive… Read more »