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Charles Kennedy: Our loss.

If you’ve not yet watched BBC ALBA’s hour-long documentary about Charles Kennedy, can I suggest you add it to your TV watch-list? ‘Charles Kennedy, A Good Man Speaking’ profiles the late Highland MP from his upbringing in the family croft at the foot of Ben Nevis, through to his burial in its shadow five years… Read more »

Our second female PM. I’ll wait to be impressed.

Our second female PM. I’ll wait to be impressed. They used to say that a week was a long time in politics – these days, everything can change in minutes. The plan on Monday morning had been for a discussion on Radio Scotland about the candidates in the leadership contests for the Conservative and Labour… Read more »

Scotland’s Named Person Scheme. What’s to fear?

Scotland’s Named Person Scheme. What’s to fear? As I write this column the Scottish Conservatives are preparing to use this week’s Holyrood debating time to call for a rethink of Scotland’s Named Person scheme before it comes into force later this summer. From 31st August a ‘Named Person’ will be appointed to monitor the welfare… Read more »

When did the Oscars stop being about films?

Keep Politics out of the Oscars! I’m just wondering – when was it that The Oscars stopped being about films and became all about politics? On Monday morning it was too much like hard work trying to find out who had won what. Call me old fashioned, but I was actually interested to know what… Read more »

A new political force for #GE2020 – yes please!

If you are reading this on Thursday, either the polling stations will be still open, or the count will be underway. If you are reading it on Friday or Saturday, we’ll have the headline results, and the ‘conversations in dark rooms’ will likely be taking place in and around Whitehall to determine the make-up of… Read more »