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Our unhealthy interest in childless women.

Childless women. It’s none of our business. The news that Nicola Sturgeon had a miscarriage when she was Depute First Minister was one of the most read stories on the BBC website on Sunday.  It earned headlines on radio news and was shared countless times on social media. There were those who were cynical about… Read more »

Baby boxes for all won’t eradicate childhood poverty

Baby boxes for all won’t eradicate childhood poverty Three years ago I wrote about the Finnish healthcare service, which was celebrating 75 years of ‘baby boxes’ – a cardboard box given to the every expectant mother. The boxes contain clothes, toiletries and nappies – everything a new-born needs to get a good start in life…. Read more »

Proud of Nicola Sturgeon, and a peek at Inverness Campus

Last Wednesday was a momentous day for women and for Scotland when Nicola Sturgeon became the first female First Minister of our proud nation. And that milestone for women was enhanced even further two days later when Sturgeon’s first cabinet was announced. Where the Westminster Government, in spite of a concerted effort to balance the… Read more »