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This place? It gets under your skin.

The thing about the north of Scotland is that it gets under your skin. And it seems to suck people in, regardless of background or age. From the tranquillity of the islands in the heart of Inverness, to the majesty of the Cairngorms, there is beauty at every turn. Where better to walk on a… Read more »

The NHS – something radical needs to happen

It’s hard to argue with John Swinny’s statement at the weekend that ‘when it comes to public services, households in Scotland get the best deal anywhere in the UK’. Healthcare in Scotland is free at the point of delivery for all of us and, unlike for our cousins south of the border, prescriptions, eye tests… Read more »

Whatever happened to ‘Doctor knows best’?

Whatever happened to ‘Doctor knows best’? The days of the paternalistic Dr Finlay were finally laid to rest this week with a report from the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges (AOMRC), telling us that we need to question our doctors more. According to the report 40 common treatments have been identified that offer little or… Read more »