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My thanks to NHS Highland

Moved by NHS Highland’s care and kindness In the 20+ years since I’ve been writing, I‘ve never had the luxury of someone to type for me. Picture the scene; I am reclined on the settee, while Mr Marr picks away at the keys on my laptop with two index fingers. (He’s frowning at that.) I… Read more »

Venturing North, Aim Highlands, and a free fatsia

Dreams of Venturing North this Autumn and Winter As I write this, light rain is falling on Inverness, but it’s still warm enough for me to be sticking with my summer working-from-home uniform of shorts and a t-shirt, and to be optimistic about another mini heatwave before summer ends. I’m a sucker for Highland summers…. Read more »

Our human connections to Afghanistan

The scenes that we are witnessing in Afghanistan are shocking. I’m writing this on Monday after a weekend of increasingly worrying news. The Taliban have taken control of Kabul, and I’ve just watched news footage of thousands of Afghans storming the airport, desperate to leave the country. There is the sound of gunfire, and reports… Read more »

Have we ever got it right with mental health care?

If you’ve seen any coverage of the art work on top of the ITV building in London, you can’t fail to have been moved. Project 84 is a disturbing representation of an even more disturbing statistic; 84 life-size human figures standing perilously close to the edge of the building’s rooftop represent the 84 men in… Read more »

This place? It gets under your skin.

The thing about the north of Scotland is that it gets under your skin. And it seems to suck people in, regardless of background or age. From the tranquillity of the islands in the heart of Inverness, to the majesty of the Cairngorms, there is beauty at every turn. Where better to walk on a… Read more »