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Celebrating our first Vanniversary.

While the world and their partners were getting loved up and soppy last weekend, Mr Marr and I had celebrations of our own to get busy with. We didn’t ditch St Valentine completely – cards were, after all, exchanged – but far more exciting was that last weekend was our first ‘Vanniversary’ – a whole… Read more »

Over-tourism? Here’s an idea…

We adopted Slow Food, are we ready for Slow Adventure? Set up in 1980s Italy, the Slow Food movement promoted eating more thoughtfully; thinking about where food comes from and preserving regional traditions, flavours and ingredients. It was the antidote to fast food. Had the word ‘mindfulness’ been around in the 80s it might very… Read more »

It’s written in the stars…

For those of us who pine for the warmth of summer, the fact that the shortest day of the year is still three weeks away can be difficult to accept. The winter is going to get colder and our days even shorter. It will be months before it is safe to leave the house without… Read more »

Tourism. It’s not just for tourists!

Are you stuck for something to do this weekend? Well you shouldn’t be. For inspiration check out the list of finalists and awards winners at the 2017 Highlands and Islands Tourism Awards. I guarantee you won’t be stuck for long. In fact you might find yourself running out of weekends. I was in the enviable… Read more »

Bridging the generation gap

Bridging the generation gap Every now and again I’ll see a photo on Facebook that will stop me as I’m scrolling. One of those moments came last week. The image was of an elderly lady chatting to three wee boys, who were clearly delighted and enthralled by her stories. There are smiles of delight all… Read more »