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Covid madness, and holiday capers

Cases are up – scrap the masks and tests! We’re just back from a week south of the border, and it was an eye-opener. Because apart from in supermarkets, where compliance was at about 25%, mask-wearing was non-existent. Aside from a dog-eared QR code stuck to a café table, or the occasional grubby-looking sanitisation station… Read more »

Clarkson. He’s growing on me…

Jeremy Clarkson. He’s (ahem) growing on me. It’s easy to have an opinion about Jeremy Clarkson; he’s been part of our lives and making a fortune from it for the past 35 years. Last week I’d have told you he was outspoken, obnoxious, irrational, and untrustworthy. But something changed. My opinion today? He’s funny, self-deprecating,… Read more »