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Holy Spokes, I’m a (trike) pilot!

. WThe very first thing I did on my very first day back to work this year was gain a qualification. After a couple of hours’ training in the rain I am now proudly a qualified pilot for Inverness based cycle charity Spokes for Folks. My first outing with real, live passengers is on Friday… Read more »

Mapping out stuff to do…

Confession time – I love a map. I have almost the full set of OS maps of Scotland and there are quite a few doubles in my collection too. My favourites (if such a thing is allowed) are the local Inverness and Nairn ones (I’ve drawn in my usual cycle routes in highlighter pen) and… Read more »

The joyous smell of fresh paint…

At the opening of any new building the overwhelming smell is usually one of fresh paint. It fades in time, but at Inverness Creative Academy I expect the smell of new paint will linger, for decades perhaps. Just four years after the social enterprise Wasps (it stands for Workshop and Artists Studio Provision Scotland) acquired… Read more »

A new movie from Karen Gillan; and grateful for a pothole!

All eyes will be on Inverness’s most famous daughter Karen Gillan on Saturday night, when her new movie, The Party’s Just Beginning, gets its world premiere at the Glasgow Film Festival. A student of Eden Court’s drama classes, Karen shot to fame in 2010 when she was cast as Amy Pond, the flame-haired, feisty companion… Read more »

Awesome reaction to an anthem for diversity

Have you been to the cinema in the past few weeks? Then you might have seen Hugh Jackman’s new musical extravaganza, The Greatest Showman, a biopic which tells the story of man behind one of the world’s best known circuses, PT Barnum. Jackman plays Barnum, and the feel-good film (did it remind you a bit… Read more »

MS Rona fighting for stem-cell treatment for others

Unless you’ve been on the other side of the planet you can’t have missed the story of Rona Tynan, a Highland mother of two who has just returned from the other side of the planet. Rona has secondary progressive MS, and before she hopped on a plane last month, she was at 7.5 on the… Read more »

Tourism. It’s not just for tourists!

Are you stuck for something to do this weekend? Well you shouldn’t be. For inspiration check out the list of finalists and awards winners at the 2017 Highlands and Islands Tourism Awards. I guarantee you won’t be stuck for long. In fact you might find yourself running out of weekends. I was in the enviable… Read more »

This place? It gets under your skin.

The thing about the north of Scotland is that it gets under your skin. And it seems to suck people in, regardless of background or age. From the tranquillity of the islands in the heart of Inverness, to the majesty of the Cairngorms, there is beauty at every turn. Where better to walk on a… Read more »

Inverness. Time to stop talking and start acting.

The Inverness Courier organised a public meeting last week to help progress their agenda to Reinvent the City Centre. If you’ve seen a copy of The Inverness Courier in recent months (and you may very well be holding one as you read this) you can’t have failed to notice the campaign. Each issue carries fresh… Read more »