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Highland holidays, please!

We’ve worn furrows in the pavements all around Inverness and explored every path, woodland, loch, and beach within 15-miles of the city.

Returning after 23 years to a happy place

They say you should never go back. Well, whoever ‘they’ are, I’ve got news for them. 23 years after Mr Marr and I found an idyllic little campsite on the west coast of Brittany, we have returned. And while everything is different, it’s all exactly the same. It is perfectly imperfect. 23 years ago, there… Read more »

Life in the slow lane…

More used to the high-adrenaline sports of skiing and road biking, I wasn’t sure how I would take to a few days of life pootling along at walking pace. But this summer, with a weekend’s worth of groceries neatly stowed, a bottle of Prosecco chilling in the fridge and the prospect of a pub supper… Read more »

Marrakech. Wonderful,dreadful, enchanting & exhausting.

Bracing ourselves to step out of our hotel isn’t anything we had ever expected to do on holiday, but then we’d never been to Marrakech before. Seduced by tales of treasure-laden souks, the aroma of the spice market and the colours and culture of this corner of north west Africa, we had booked a few… Read more »