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The Highlands’ dark secrets, plus theatre, and ounces?

The sobering History of the Highlands and Slavery It’s a while since I’ve swum in Loch Dochfour, but when I do, I always pause mid-stroke and take in the beauty of Dochfour House, that orange-ochre coloured Italianate mansion sitting amid formal gardens on the north shore of the loch. It’s a house that speaks of… Read more »

List MSPs, Bye Bye Les, and a new Walrus

Scottish Election – who’ll get my vote on the Regional List? If you look at the polling history for my home constituency of Inverness and Nairn, it’s fairly clear which of the six constituency candidates will be returned. Fergus Ewing is a member of the Ewing Dynasty (not the ones from Southfork in the 80s)… Read more »


I’m just back from a swim with my sister. In all honesty, even though I can hardly yet feel my legs from just below the knee, this is the most alive I have felt in months. But while we might class today’s early morning adventure as swimming, we barely swam a stroke. What we did… Read more »

Absolutely *not* my Favourite…

…despite winning big at Bafta. It’s awards season – a time for frocks and faux-pas, tuxedos and Twitter gaffes and making a list of ‘things to watch’. Hot on the heels of last month’s Golden Globes, Sunday night was Bafta and Grammy night, and it won’t be long till we are treated to the Oscars…. Read more »

Over-tourism? Here’s an idea…

We adopted Slow Food, are we ready for Slow Adventure? Set up in 1980s Italy, the Slow Food movement promoted eating more thoughtfully; thinking about where food comes from and preserving regional traditions, flavours and ingredients. It was the antidote to fast food. Had the word ‘mindfulness’ been around in the 80s it might very… Read more »

The thrill of the cockpit on islands tour.

I first flew in an aeroplane the summer after I turned ten. And I did it with bells on, as an unaccompanied minor between Aberdeen and Birmingham on my way to spend the summer with my grandfather. It was a day of firsts; the second first came during the flight stopover at Edinburgh airport when… Read more »