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Invoking Carpe Diem, and luck

Invoking Carpe Diem in France Unexpectedly we found ourselves in the French alps last week, and it was glorious. When I say ‘unexpectedly’ I don’t mean that we were kidnapped. Nor did we fall through a split rock, nor teleport, although all of these options would have required less paperwork and testing. It’s more that… Read more »

Returning after 23 years to a happy place

They say you should never go back. Well, whoever ‘they’ are, I’ve got news for them. 23 years after Mr Marr and I found an idyllic little campsite on the west coast of Brittany, we have returned. And while everything is different, it’s all exactly the same. It is perfectly imperfect. 23 years ago, there… Read more »

Pride comes before a fall…

It wasn’t quite on the agenda for our Easter holidays, but now that we’re getting over the drama of a nasty skiing accident which left Mr Marr with a double fracture of the shoulder and a hefty medical bill, we’re trying to look on the bright side. And watching him try to butter toast and… Read more »