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On yer bike…

If you’d watched me reading the story about traffic police in Nairn pulling over ten motorists for driving dangerously close to an unmarked police cyclist, you might have seen me punch the air. It’s not that I take delight in the misfortune of others – far from it. But I’ve been banging on about road… Read more »

Holy Spokes, I’m a (trike) pilot!

. WThe very first thing I did on my very first day back to work this year was gain a qualification. After a couple of hours’ training in the rain I am now proudly a qualified pilot for Inverness based cycle charity Spokes for Folks. My first outing with real, live passengers is on Friday… Read more »

Handing the journey over to ‘The Gods of Travel’

My life has become marginally less stressful since I started entrusting my fate on public transport to ‘The Gods of Travel’. They don’t exist of course, but that doesn’t stop me from handing over responsibility to them for on-time departure and arrival times. Will my train get there on schedule and will there be a… Read more »

Inverness to Edinburgh by bike? Crazy idea!

If there was one text which summed up last weekend it was the one I received from my friend Jinny at around 8pm on Saturday. It read ‘Arnica here, Prosecco poured’, which meant it was time to heave my aching limbs out of the bath in our hotel room in Perth and make my way… Read more »