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Back to ‘normal’. How has it been?

Back to ‘normal’ – but how has it been for you? Does it feel like it’s almost over? South of the border restrictions will be almost non-existent from Monday, and Scotland could follow in a few weeks’ time. Last weekend, Mr Marr moved back to Edinburgh after a sixteen-month stint working from our dining room…. Read more »

The stopped clock: a symptom of life slowing down

The kitchen clock has stopped at quarter to nine. It’s been like that for about three days now (or is it four? Can anyone remember?). It’s only since it stopped that I’ve noticed how often I look at that clock. But of course, these days, time is stretching and has less meaning than ever. Which… Read more »

Is it wrong to enjoy these strange times?

Is it wrong to be enjoying these strange times? I know. Many of us are or have been ill, many are at risk and already too many have died. Lots of people are extremely worried about their own health and the health of the people they care about. Despite the measures put in place to… Read more »

Strange days, indeed

Intro: What a week it has been! I wrote this piece for the Highland News and Media Group papers on Monday – and so much has changed since then, for all of us. I hope the measures implemented keep more of us safe and healthy, and I hope our small businesses will recover after it’s… Read more »