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Avoiding the C-word* (*not Christmas).

Have you tried to have a conversation recently without the C-word coming up? I’m not talking about Christmas; I’m talking about the pandemic. We tried to ban it from conversation the other night while we sat outside, mulled wine in hands, the fire filling our hair with the deliciousness of wood smoke. But we failed…. Read more »

It’s not about the presents, but the memories.

Christmas is a time for traditions. If you don’t believe me, just ask yourself what your plans are for this year, and then compare them against what you did last year, or against what you did when you were a kid. There will be differences as the years roll on; new faces round the table,… Read more »

Leave Christmas till December! Unless…

I can’t get excited by Christmas in November. With three exceptions (which I promise I will come to) I prefer to leave all my festive planning and celebrations till December. The minute the calendar changes you will find me in the loft digging out the Christmas boxes. I’ll be swapping my regular handbag for an… Read more »

Nativity news makes sense

Were you lucky enough to see your kids in the school nativity? Were cameras banned? Finally I understand why they were banned for our kids.

Thank Doc Marten for Christmas – and dry feet

That’s it over again for another year. The turkey is a mere memory, the recycling bin is overflowing with expensive wrapping paper, and you might even have been back to work for a few days, if indeed you got a break at all. The radio has stopped playing Christmas songs so it will be another… Read more »

Ready for Christmas? Three lessons from Nick Nairn

I’d love to say that I’m almost ready for Christmas…so I will. I’m almost ready for Christmas! I’ve made my wreath for the front door, transforming (under expert tutelage at Cameron’s Tearoom and Farm Shop, Foyers) a scrap of chicken wire, a pile of damp moss, and assorted twigs and berries into something worthy of… Read more »

It’s beginning to feel a little like Christmas!

Feeling festive yet? It’s official – I am starting to feel festive. Although we NEVER put our tree up until December is in double figures (soon, Mr Marr, soon!) and I can’t start thinking about buying presents till the shops have sold out of their best stock, my seasonal spirit was set alight last weekend… Read more »

Keep Christmas contained! And fun with albums…

So far, this is what I know about Christmas 2015. Daughter #1 is coming home from Glasgow University to grace us with her presence for ‘a few days’. Her ambitious social plans for the rest of her holidays haven’t been finalised yet, so we can’t guarantee that she’ll still be with us for Hogmanay. We… Read more »