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This week in – and out – of Europe

This week, the last of January 2020, has been book-ended by two emotional dates. On Monday we saw incredibly moving scenes as survivors of the Holocaust gathered in Auschwitz to mark the 75th anniversary of the camp’s liberation. And on Friday at 11pm the UK formally left the EU. We can never know what they… Read more »

Obsessing about autumn, instead of Brexit

Surely it can’t just be me who’s conflicted by this Brexit guddle? I’m sick to the back teeth of all the wrangling , lies and arguments, but feel obliged to keep up because it’s probably the most important political moment of our lives. And yet… if I give myself a break from it all, will… Read more »

The UK has never been a marriage of equals.

I am not sure that I have ever been more disillusioned by Westminster politics. The deepening and destructive Downing Street farce of a woman who didn’t want Brexit having to ask for help to leave Europe from an opposition leader who has no stomach for it, would have been a stretch even for the scriptwriters… Read more »

Granny, what happened in Brexit?

Granny, what happened in Brexit? In years to come, I am dreading the point at which an inquisitive (and probably bespectacled) grandchild sidles up to me with a homework jotter and asks the question: “Granny, what really happened during Brexit?” because in all honesty I will not have a clue how to answer. Will I… Read more »

Berries and Brexit, and gross inequality.

Berry picking…and Brexit How did you spend the summer holidays as a kid? My mum and dad were both teachers, so the whole family was de-mob happy when the last bell rang on the last day of term. We would load the camping gear into our trailer and head west, wearing that classic Scottish summer… Read more »