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D-Day 75 and a naked warning

D-Day 75 I have a small silver brooch in the shape of a Spitfire – I received it from a friend in the 90s and happened to pin it to my jacket last Thursday morning. As I stood at reception in Inverness’s Kingsmills Hotel, a member of staff commented on its appropriateness for the date… Read more »

The loneliness of our society is in our hands.

How are you feeling as you read this? Are you looking forward to a fun-packed weekend watching the rugby with friends? Maybe you’re meeting family for Sunday lunch, have planned a dog-walk with a good pal or you’re heading out to a fitness class before eating your body-weight in cake with class-mates when it’s done?… Read more »

Could you be a Home-Start volunteer?

Home-Start need volunteers to give families a helping hand Our girls have left home now, both living in Glasgow, both presumably getting up to all sorts of shenanigans that I’d really rather not know about. But our parenting journey wasn’t always straightforward, and it doesn’t take much for me to remember how tough it occasionally… Read more »