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Brilliant and beautiful.

Beauty, just for the hell of it. Don’t you just love it when things are more beautiful than they need to be? When I remember to, I look up, especially in our towns and cities. That’s where you see all the ‘twiddly bits’ that architects and designers have added. Sometimes there’s a practical purpose to… Read more »

The joyous smell of fresh paint…

At the opening of any new building the overwhelming smell is usually one of fresh paint. It fades in time, but at Inverness Creative Academy I expect the smell of new paint will linger, for decades perhaps. Just four years after the social enterprise Wasps (it stands for Workshop and Artists Studio Provision Scotland) acquired… Read more »

Architecture. Celebrating an art form that lasts.

Lochs and mountains, the Monarch of the Glen and Sam Heughan striding manfully through the heather; that’s the image that many tourists have of Scotland. It’s what brings them here and the reality of what they experience keeps them coming back. Our rural landscape is the most beautiful in the world. The built landscape that… Read more »