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Yes please to Tourist Tax and for Motorhomes too!

I’m writing this in our motorhome on the shores of a wee Highland loch. Mr Marr and I stayed here last night – blissfully we had the place to ourselves. It was a low-key evening, just as we liked it. Arriving late yesterday afternoon, we lit a fire in a well-used ring of stones by… Read more »

In the Army: Taking biomed to the front line

Once again, I find myself in a quandary. I am immensely proud and vicariously excited, yet a little concerned and fearful. Daughter#2, having completed her third year of a degree in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Glasgow and been accepted into the Masters Course, has also been approached by the army. As far as… Read more »

Mapping out stuff to do…

Confession time – I love a map. I have almost the full set of OS maps of Scotland and there are quite a few doubles in my collection too. My favourites (if such a thing is allowed) are the local Inverness and Nairn ones (I’ve drawn in my usual cycle routes in highlighter pen) and… Read more »

I missed Bella for eye-opening drama

I didn’t make it to Belladrum last weekend, but all the photos and videos posted by friends on social media gave me a pretty good flavour of what I missed. Lewis Capaldi’s blend of ballads and banter seems to have won over the Tartan Hearts, closely followed by Peat and Diesel. There was warm love… Read more »

Social history through recipe books

From my grandmother’s school cookery book from 1929, to a brand new volume from Sue Lawrence, ‘A Taste of Scotland’s Islands’, there is much to learn from the recipes of the past.

Finding peace and solace in the mountains.

A memory from about 15 years ago resurfaced recently. I was in the Cairngorms with my mum – I can’t remember exactly where – but we’d walked in from Glen Feshie. We had day sacks and sandwiches and had set off from Inverness before 7am. The day was ours. Nothing to do but put one… Read more »

Imposter Syndrome sent packing by Shelley Kerr’s Mum

I read a story a few months ago that stuck with me and, given the out-of-this-world events that were happening 50 years ago this weekend, and a conversation I had yesterday about football, it’s timely to share it. Somewhere in America a few years ago (I’ll admit the details are a little sketchy, but it… Read more »

Fast fashion in context

For years, if asked (and admittedly, I wasn’t asked very often) the quote by which I tried to live my life was ‘Mistrust all enterprises that require new clothes’. I came across it in EM Forster’s 1908 novel ‘A Room with a View’ when I was a student and it struck a chord. Skint and… Read more »

Battered, bruised, and bloody impatient.

If there is anything that I have learned about myself in the past fortnight, it’s that I am not a patient patient. Actually, that’s a lie – I’ve known for years that I am desperately impatient. But as I type (on Monday morning) it’s exactly two weeks since I ended up in a Greek hospital…. Read more »

D-Day 75 and a naked warning

D-Day 75 I have a small silver brooch in the shape of a Spitfire – I received it from a friend in the 90s and happened to pin it to my jacket last Thursday morning. As I stood at reception in Inverness’s Kingsmills Hotel, a member of staff commented on its appropriateness for the date… Read more »