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Dipping a toe into Gaelic – thanks Duolingo!

As a child of the 70s I was brought up to believe that ‘I want doesn’t get’ but I am delighted to report that for once I have been proved wrong. I (along with thousands of others) asked for Gaelic to be added to the list of languages available to be learned on Duolingo, and… Read more »

The stories behind the rural economy

Did you hear the one about the distiller, the shellfish processor and the National Park Planner? No? Well maybe you weren’t at the Kingsmills Hotel in Inverness last Thursday for the first Scottish Highlands and Islands Rural Economy Conference. It wasn’t a joke, but a conversation I had with three key players in the rural… Read more »

Leave Christmas till December! Unless…

I can’t get excited by Christmas in November. With three exceptions (which I promise I will come to) I prefer to leave all my festive planning and celebrations till December. The minute the calendar changes you will find me in the loft digging out the Christmas boxes. I’ll be swapping my regular handbag for an… Read more »

When the smallest things have the greatest impact.

If you’ve seen the footage of a young doctor from Raigmore Hospital singing to a baby to distract her while he draws blood, you’ll agree that it’s unforgettable. Fittingly ‘Unforgettable’ is also the title of the song the doctor was singing – the toot seems utterly enchanted by his voice. As she kicks her wee… Read more »

Banning love at work? No thanks!

Mr Marr and I met at work… back in the days when that wasn’t frowned upon. I was a student in Edinburgh and needed a part time job. My flat was opposite The Queen’s Hall, and I popped in on my way home from lectures one afternoon. Renee at the Box Office was lovely, but… Read more »

Surprised to realise I’m 53…

I had a birthday this week – hooray! It fell during the working week, so the day itself, while punctuated with lovely cards and gifts, messages and calls from family and friends, was the usual race against the clock of writing, drafting, planning and phone calls. But Mr Marr was working from home, so I… Read more »

The real impact of organ donation

This story gave me goosebumps – and it is nothing to do with Hallowe’en. I hope you don’t mind me sharing it with you. It’s easy to subscribe to my weekly mutterings, there’s a widget on the home page of my website. It’s free, hassle-free, ad-free and spam-free too :) Feedback and shares always welcome, Nicky I… Read more »

From tattie picking to the next generation of foodie jobs

Walking through the Alvie estate in Badenoch a couple of weeks ago we watched hay being made. Of course, the sun was shining. A tractor was methodically ‘eating’ its way across a field. Freshly cut hay was fed into the baler behind, and beautifully cylindrical bales were ejected in its wake. The sight of the… Read more »

Obsessing about autumn, instead of Brexit

Surely it can’t just be me who’s conflicted by this Brexit guddle? I’m sick to the back teeth of all the wrangling , lies and arguments, but feel obliged to keep up because it’s probably the most important political moment of our lives. And yet… if I give myself a break from it all, will… Read more »