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Highland Hospitality – the contrasts.

Highland Hospitality – the contrasts This past week it hasn’t felt like being in the Highlands at all. The sun has shone and there has been warmth in its rays, out of the breeze. The birds are singing, daffodils are bursting into joyous colour, and there’s a feeling of hope in the air. Spring weather… Read more »

Superheroes, real Heroes and rudeness by the roadside

Superhuman kindness, and compassion “I’m going to need someone with superhuman strength to help me get into my outfit.” That was the cry from the bedroom next door, as I was putting the finishing touches to my script for the Moray and Banffshire Heroes Awards in Elgin last week. There were just 15 minutes to… Read more »

Stop with the flipping scamming!

Enough with the Scamming. I’m tired. Can you just stop it now, please? Stop with the scamming texts, the phishing emails, identity thefts and the phone calls? It’s getting boring. It’s time-consuming, and one day my guard will slip, I’ll fill in my card details, and I’ll end up losing money. Maybe even worse than… Read more »

Ukraine? Look for the helpers.

**Oh dear – I wrote this on Monday. Since then, things in Ukraine have only got much, much worse. But more people and agencies are helping. Silver linings – I’m still looking for them. How has your week been? If it’s anything like mine you’ll have worked a lot, exercised a little, and caught up… Read more »

Trailblazing, Jay Wilson style

Sometimes it takes an outsider Have you met Jay Wilson? Maybe you’ll have chatted with him on one of the Inverness Ramblers walks or bumped into him on a coastal path fringing the North Sea. This could be on any stretch between Inverness and John O’Groats (and he’s been known to venture into Moray too)… Read more »

For the love of local media

For the love of local media If you’re reading this, you’re already winning; you’re consuming local media. In an age where any news outlet can be accessed, 24/7, from any hand-held device in the world, you have chosen to check-in with what’s happening here in the north of Scotland. Welcome. It’s good to have you… Read more »

70 years our Queen. But is she happy?

Our Queen: 70 years of the daily grind All weekend, every time I turned on the telly, there were images of a little old lady in immaculate hats, coats, and sparkly broches, cutting a cake, shaking hands, smiling, and waving. And what I saw wasn’t a life to envy, but a woman to pity. Seventy… Read more »

Courtesy and care on the roads

Courtesy and Care Before I passed my driving test in the 1980s my instructor – as most did and still do, I’m sure – spent part of my lessons drilling me on the Highway Code questions I might be asked in my test. This wasn’t just to help me pass, it was to ensure I… Read more »

Invoking Carpe Diem, and luck

Invoking Carpe Diem in France Unexpectedly we found ourselves in the French alps last week, and it was glorious. When I say ‘unexpectedly’ I don’t mean that we were kidnapped. Nor did we fall through a split rock, nor teleport, although all of these options would have required less paperwork and testing. It’s more that… Read more »

Integrity. Currently missing in Action.

Something is missing. Integrity. As I write (and forgive me, I file this column around a week before you get to read it) the news headlines are sickening. And it strikes me that from all the headlines – those about Downing Street parties, Prince Andrew (no HRH required) and Novak Djokovic – there’s something missing…. Read more »