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Monster Assets, Thinking Big, Hens at School

Monster Assets, Thinking Big, Hens at School Are we making the most of our Monster Asset? I popped along to a UHI seminar about Nessie last Friday lunchtime. The aim of the session was to explore whether the north of Scotland is taking full advantage of our most famous resident when marketing our area to… Read more »

Staying Alive, snails, & the wrong trousers.

Picture of a schoolgirl on a bike with arms outstretched

Why I cycle in the middle of the road Let me come clean. My name is Nicky Marr, and I am a cyclist. I know that’s not a popular thing to say in some quarters, and that many road users would prefer to see my bike forever locked away in the shed. But I am… Read more »

New Nationals, and 20 years of marriage

Listen here or read on :) New National Exams – but is Scotland Ready? Let’s face it, change is often disruptive. There will always be those who prefer the old ways – those who question why anything should be ‘fixed’ if it ain’t broke. But in spite of protests and controversy, and amid allegations that… Read more »

Slippery Slope to IndyRef & 10 years of Superegg!

Moving on, Our other National Drink, Family Marr sooooo busted!

Listen to the podcast here, or read on :) Opinion about Scots put us on slippery slope We’re just back from a last-minute skiing holiday in France – six glorious days of fresh mountain air and exercise, with copious amounts of molten cheese and red wine in order to maintain the calorific equilibrium. The evidence… Read more »

Sound of silence and demolition

Listen here or read on :) Sound of Silence? Not even in my empty house! I rarely agree with Joni Mitchell, but in at least one thing she was right. You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone. For 13 years I had daily unfettered access to the studios at MFR. If I needed… Read more »

A9 Speed Cameras, Monsters & Character Assassination

Moving on, Our other National Drink, Family Marr sooooo busted!

Listen now, or read on :) Spend A9 camera cash on better road policing For those of us who thought that the plans for average speed cameras on the A9 were still at the proposal stage, it was a bit of a surprise to discover that work to install them had actually started on Monday… Read more »