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Applying to Theresa May for a new job…

Does anyone have Home Secretary Theresa May’s email address? Because if the Westminster Government doesn’t appoint a new chair to head up the inquiry into the historical sex abuse scandal soon, I might get in touch with her to offer my services. You’ll have heard that Fiona Woolf, the second person to be appointed to… Read more »

Organ Donation – time to change to an opt-out system.

For all that I moan about unsolicited phone calls at tea time, last Wednesday’s call was one I was happy to receive. This one wasn’t about mis-sold PPI or replacement windows; rather it made me feel part of the bigger picture. Because for years I have been wondering whose opinion is really represented by opinion… Read more »

Time to wake up to Ebola, and thumbs down for easyJet

We’ve been on holiday for the past fortnight – a trip to Turkey to squeeze in some sunshine before the clocks go back, and to escape from the laptops for a while. The plan had been to disconnect completely, but with unexpected access to Wi-Fi, and the need to keep up to date with Daughter… Read more »

How I voted in #IndyRef and why!

It’s time to nail my colours to the mast. In last Thursday’s referendum I voted ‘Yes’ in answer to the question ‘Should Scotland be an independent country?’. In the months and weeks running up the 18th of September I was genuinely undecided. As I declared in this column and during televised debates, I was torn… Read more »

Desert Highland Discs, and elevating an MP…

Desert Highland Discs What’s your favourite song? It’s an innocent enough question, and I’m sure most of us have a ready answer. But here’s the thing; ask the very same question a day, a week or a month later, or after a concert or during a relationship break-up, and the answer will have changed. As… Read more »

Why I’m still ‘undecided’ in the IndyRef.

In a month we will be casting our votes; to stay as part of the United Kingdom, or not to stay, that is the question. Yes or No? Aye or Nae? We’ve had months, if not years to decide, to analyse the pros and cons, and to question politicians, analysts, each other and ourselves. And… Read more »

Waste not, want not, French style!

Trying to educate me about food waste was always going to be a case of preaching to the converted. Or so I thought. Growing up with a Dad who was a keen gardener, we knew how much effort had gone into producing the veg we ate, and there was no way that effort was going… Read more »

Bravo Glasgow!

Rainbow at Glasgow National Hockey Stadium

Bravo Glasgow, and thanks for the Games! If you’ve been anywhere near a telly in the last ten days or were lucky enough to get tickets for the Games, you’ll know that Glasgow rose to the occasion. Like a woman with half an hour’s warning that the in-laws are about to descend, the city fathers… Read more »