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Life lessons from panto. And pubs need to do better.

Pantomime. It’s a uniquely British tradition; men dressing up in outlandish frocks, jokes for the kids (and jokes to go over their heads), a sloppy love story, spontaneous singing and dancing, and loads of audience participation. The Americans can’t understand the genre at all, and the French are far too cool to bother trying. In… Read more »

2015 – The Year of Scotland’s Food & Drink

2015 the Year of Food and Drink in Scotland

2015 is Scotland’s Year of Food and Drink. Hot on the heels of the successes of 2014 – the Glasgow Commonwealth Games, the Ryder Cup and the Year of Homecoming – Scotland’s larder will be in the spotlight. From the freshest of fish and cheeses, the finest lamb, beef and venison, tothe best and brightest… Read more »

Christmas without Cait.

I had expected the sadness to descend on Christmas Eve as it finally sank in that Daughter #1 wouldn’t be joining us for Christmas this year. But the sadness didn’t come. There were times when I was acutely aware of her absence, but in the five months since she flew to Honduras to spend a… Read more »

2014. A great year for Scotland.

What a year 2014 has been for Scotland. The eyes of the world have been upon us, and we rose to the challenge. In spite of a shaky start with controversy over ticket allocations and transport issues, the Glasgow Commonwealth Games were a shining success. There was the glory of an unprecedented haul of 53… Read more »

Breastgate. It couldn’t happen in Scotland.

Bravo to Nigel Farage. Wow. Four words I never imagined I would use in type. But the most talked-about man in British politics (and father of four) has got us all talking about breastfeeding. And in doing so he has brought into sharp focus yet another of the ways in which Scotland is ahead of… Read more »

Allergen info on menus – great news!

It’s a challenge for any family to provide three meals a day, but more of a challenge when there are dietary requirements to be catered for. Ours is one such home; Daughter #2 was diagnosed 10 years ago with Coeliac Disease, a lifelong autoimmune intolerance to gluten. In a nutshell (for the record, nuts are… Read more »

Grab a good Black Friday bargain? And rugby questions…

Black Friday. It was an absolute embarrassment, wasn’t it? Midnight chimed, and with it the eruption of fights and violence, squalling and brawling. Shoppers were left bruised and battered, their dignity in tatters. Watching the scenes across the country I was sickened to be part of this consumerist society. When did the chance of a… Read more »

Proud of Nicola Sturgeon, and a peek at Inverness Campus

Last Wednesday was a momentous day for women and for Scotland when Nicola Sturgeon became the first female First Minister of our proud nation. And that milestone for women was enhanced even further two days later when Sturgeon’s first cabinet was announced. Where the Westminster Government, in spite of a concerted effort to balance the… Read more »

Michael Buerk – a guilty pleasure

I think we know each other well enough for confessions, so here goes. The best thing about stepping down from my position as co-host of the MFR Breakfast Show had nothing to do with early morning alarm clocks. While it has been a delight to return to the same time zone as the rest of… Read more »

They say you should never meet your heroes. Poppycock!

They say you should never meet your heroes. Meeting someone whose music, acting or writing you have admired, or whose image gazed out at you from your teenage bedroom walls, can only, so the theory goes, end in disappointment. Your idol has been the object of your desire or admiration perhaps for decades, and you… Read more »