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A holiday home with hope at its heart

It’s not the right order of things to lose a child, and if the worst were to happen, I can’t imagine how I would react. I’d like to think that, in time, I might be able to create something positive out of tragedy, and it’s on my mind just now having just returned from a… Read more »

The UK has never been a marriage of equals.

I am not sure that I have ever been more disillusioned by Westminster politics. The deepening and destructive Downing Street farce of a woman who didn’t want Brexit having to ask for help to leave Europe from an opposition leader who has no stomach for it, would have been a stretch even for the scriptwriters… Read more »

The price of fish… and veggies for Marr.

The impact of ‘Lost at Sea’ Inspired by last Thursday night’s performance of ‘Lost at Sea’ at Eden Court, Mr Marr and I revved up our motorhome and headed along the Moray Coast for the weekend. The play, written by Burghead playwright Morna Young, had been about eight years in the making. Judging by the… Read more »

The Cheviot – revisited.

I first wrote this piece in September 2015 after a trip to Dundee to see ‘The Cheviot’. As I’m getting ready to head out to see the revival by the National Theatre of Scotland at Eden Court this evening, I thought it was worth wheeling this out again… I still laugh at the story at… Read more »

That’s one (nearly) off the payroll.

Parenting is full of milestones – first tooth, first steps, first day at nursery, then first day at school. There are first sports days and hockey and football matches, first nativity plays and first school trips… and then before you know it, you start clocking up ‘lasts’ too – the last day at primary school,… Read more »

Diabetes = two extra bullets in the chamber

It is very rare that I am stuck for words, but on stage in Eden Court last Sunday evening, interviewing a film-maker about his experience of living with Type 1 diabetes, I was left at a loss. We were discussing the fact that we all take risks with our health – there can’t be many… Read more »

Big Interview: Mark Beaumont

The May issue of HIAL’s Connect has just hit the airport shelves… which means that if you missed your copy, you missed my ‘Big Interview’ with ‘Around-the-world-in-80-days’ cyclist Mark Beaumont. Here it is for perusal at your leisure. Don’t say I’m not good to you! From a home-schooled ‘Swallows and Amazon’ childhood on a smallholding… Read more »

Embracing the Slashie lifestyle!

It used to be so easy to tell people what I did – I was a lawyer. Now, as a freelance writer/magazine editor/broadcaster/event host/presentation skills trainer/PR and marketing adviser/coach, it takes a little longer to explain. Occasionally I say I’m a ‘media crofter’ but the mention of crofting occasionally raises an expectation that I also… Read more »

Climate Change activists – the new suffragettes?

A few weeks ago, I pondered how I might respond when a future, inquisitive grandchild sidles up to me, homework jotter in hand, and asks ‘Granny, what happened during Brexit?’ and confessed I will have no idea how to answer that child. Last week 16-year-old climate change activist Greta Thunberg posed that very same question,… Read more »

Reader, I married him…

Reader, 25 years ago today, I married him. And I can remember every tiny detail of our wedding. After a tiny wobble in the church vestry I walked up the aisle on my Dad’s arm to the sound of Vivaldi’s ‘Gloria’, and back down on Mr Marr’s arm to The Pet Shop Boys and ‘Go… Read more »