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The joyous smell of fresh paint…

At the opening of any new building the overwhelming smell is usually one of fresh paint. It fades in time, but at Inverness Creative Academy I expect the smell of new paint will linger, for decades perhaps. Just four years after the social enterprise Wasps (it stands for Workshop and Artists Studio Provision Scotland) acquired… Read more »

Motorhome life is magic…

Last autumn Mr Marr and I got an offer we couldn’t refuse; the chance to drive a motorhome around the north of Scotland. Motorhome life was something we thought we might try after we had retired, and this would give us a taster. We blanked a long weekend out of our diaries and got the… Read more »

It’s people who count, not policies.

It is rare that I am moved to tears by anything other than Call the Midwife, but the good news from Beauly mum Roz Paterson caused me to ‘get something in my eye’ as I was scrolling through Facebook last week. In case you missed it, Roz was diagnosed last summer with an aggressive form… Read more »

Tourist Tax? Yes Please for Highland!

With the Highland Council set to debate again the question of a Tourist Tax, many hoteliers and B&B owners are eagerly awaiting the outcome. If the Council go for it, they won’t be the first. Edinburgh City Council have already voted to impose a £1 a night Transient Visitor Levy, a move which they believe… Read more »

Inverness Loch Ness Airport. You decide!

Between me writing this and you reading it I’ll have both taken off and landed again at Inverness Airport. I’m heading to Bergen in Norway for a couple of days on a direct flight from my local airport. I am very definitely departing from an airport known as ‘Inverness’, but by the time I land… Read more »

Agriturismo. Inspiration from Sardinia for crofters?

It would have been easy to have lived in a bubble of “Brits abroad” on our beach-club holiday in Sardinia this month. Although the resort staff were Italian, the guests were exclusively from the UK and Ireland. Buffet breakfasts and lunches were included every day and on restaurant nights off, if we didn’t fancy the… Read more »

Bank closures rip the heart out of communities.

Like many of us, I bank online. On Sunday afternoon, having recently switched accounts, I sat in the back garden, squinted into my tablet against the glare of the sun, and checked my statement against a mound of receipts. I then ordered a new credit card and set up a savings account. The whole lot… Read more »