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Reader, I married him…

Reader, 25 years ago today, I married him. And I can remember every tiny detail of our wedding. After a tiny wobble in the church vestry I walked up the aisle on my Dad’s arm to the sound of Vivaldi’s ‘Gloria’, and back down on Mr Marr’s arm to The Pet Shop Boys and ‘Go… Read more »

The lost art of being

Are you ever totally silent? Do you ever allow yourself to just do nothing? I’m sure, if I really put my mind to it, that I could find time in every day in which to just let my mind drift. But I worry that I’ve lost the art of just being. I can’t remember the… Read more »

The joyous smell of fresh paint…

At the opening of any new building the overwhelming smell is usually one of fresh paint. It fades in time, but at Inverness Creative Academy I expect the smell of new paint will linger, for decades perhaps. Just four years after the social enterprise Wasps (it stands for Workshop and Artists Studio Provision Scotland) acquired… Read more »

5-star experiences need 5-star staff.

I am just back from a week’s skiing in France. Not to rub it in, but the snow was fantastic, the sun shone, and we had a blast. There’s nothing like a week’s fresh air, exercise, cheese-heavy food and 10pm bed-times to recharge the batteries. One of the undeniable highlights of our holiday was the… Read more »

Granny, what happened in Brexit?

Granny, what happened in Brexit? In years to come, I am dreading the point at which an inquisitive (and probably bespectacled) grandchild sidles up to me with a homework jotter and asks the question: “Granny, what really happened during Brexit?” because in all honesty I will not have a clue how to answer. Will I… Read more »

Keeping the Faith with Humanists

There is a quote on my fridge from American writer Kurt Vonnegut. It’s a bit food-stained and fading but I can still make it out; it reads, “I am a humanist, which means, in part, that I have tried to behave decently without expectations of rewards or punishments after I am dead.” If I was… Read more »

Standing up for women.

Better for Balance Better for Balance is the theme for International Women’s Day 2019, and I am proudly supporting it. I am adding my voice to the many millions of others, male and female from across the globe, who are standing up for the right of women to be equal to men. I am glad… Read more »

Motorhome life is magic…

Last autumn Mr Marr and I got an offer we couldn’t refuse; the chance to drive a motorhome around the north of Scotland. Motorhome life was something we thought we might try after we had retired, and this would give us a taster. We blanked a long weekend out of our diaries and got the… Read more »

Bring Shamima home. She was only 15…

Do you remember being 15? If I’ve got my sums right, I was in fourth year at school and absolutely, impossibly head-over-heels in love with entirely the wrong boy. A decent guitar player and a passionate fan of The Beatles, he believed he was the next John Lennon. When John Lennon was shot, he began… Read more »

Absolutely *not* my Favourite…

…despite winning big at Bafta. It’s awards season – a time for frocks and faux-pas, tuxedos and Twitter gaffes and making a list of ‘things to watch’. Hot on the heels of last month’s Golden Globes, Sunday night was Bafta and Grammy night, and it won’t be long till we are treated to the Oscars…. Read more »